Greetings from Radim Bako

One of the heroes from the 2020/2021 season, Radim Bako, sends his greetings to the club and all his friends (only in english).

I asked our former first team player Radim Bako, if he was interested in doing a small interview, and knowing what a nice guy he is, he obviously accepted.

Radim Bako was an important player in the 2020/2021 season where we managed to go all the way to the final to win the first danish championship ever, and I think we all have great memories from that season.

Henrik Cortz: “Hello Radim. Hope all is good, and thank you for doing this small interview. First of all, will you continue in the austrian league this season?”

Radim Bako: “Hello Henrik, everything is all right. Yeah I am still playing in Austria. We are currently second in the league and my score is 9:4 in singles.”

Henrik Cortz: “That is very impressive because it is a very strong league. You lived, trained, played table tennis but also studied in Næstved. How do you look back at those two years?”

Radim Bako: “I consider living in Denmark the best experience in my life so far, even though I haven’t used my education so far”.

Henrik Cortz: “Have you considered using your education somewhere in the EU, at a later stage?”

Radim Bako: “Maybe in the future I will use my education in a foreign country, but first I have to become bachelor. I am studying software development at the moment though.

Henrik Cortz: “Sounds great! Anything you want me to tell your old friends in Næstved Bordtennis?”

Radim Bako: “Of course, say hello to everyone there! 😅

Henrik Cortz: “Thank you very much, and that is very appreciated! I will indeed say hello from you. All the best and thank you for having the time for this small interview.”

Tomas Koldas, Radim Bako and Magnus Månsson
Radim Bako
Radim Bako, Hampus Söderlund, Khaled Assar and Magnus Månsson

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