Hillerød – Næstved Bordtennis 1-5

5-1 victory and a positive corona test (only in english):

The 5-1 victory was shadowed by a positive Corona test after the match, when Magnus Månsson wanted to return to Sweden before the scheduled away match in Herlev today.

We immediately informed Hillerød and Herlev, and the danish table tennis association decided to cancel the match between Herlev and Næstved Bordtennis, due to the fact the tournament has to be finalised this weekend because of the compact season, and furthemore the match had no impact on the qualifcation to the semifinals. All the players and managers will of course take additional tests.

Hampus Söderlund and Nikita Yarushin were playing 1. and 2. single and won their 4 matches with a set score of 12-1. Tomas Koldas won his single 3-0, while Magnus Månsson was defeated 2-3 by Patrick Skarsholm. It was planned that Radim Bako should play against Herlev, but unfortunately that match won’t be played.


The group stage will be finalised today, and tomorrow it will be decided who we will face in the semifinals.

Stay tuned!

Hampus Söderlund

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