Nationale mesterskaber: Guld til Chirita, sølv til Simon og bronze til Koldas

It was a weekend with a lot of national championships and our players were very succesfull. (in english)


Gold medal for Cristian Chirita

Winning a national championship must be a dream come true, but winning it with your brother must be even more incredible. The unbelievable happened, and in a tough finale the Chirita brothers managed to secure the victory. “In the singles tournament I was too tired but got to the quarter finales. (It) doesn’t matter, I am happy with my result” (Cristian Chirita on facebook).

Well done and congratulations to both of you!

Czech Republic:

Bronze medal for Tomas Koldas, and Obeslo won the TTStar event for this weekend.

Tomas, who will play for us the next couple of seasons, impressed with victories against Procopcov (seedet 6) and Valenka (seedet 14), before being defeated in the quarter finals by the top seeded player Tomas Polansky, who plays in the bundesleague. With Adam Saltzer, however, he secured a bronze medal in the mens doubles, so congratulations to Tomas.

Michal Obeslo didn’t attend the the national championships, but managed to claim the overall win in the TTStar invitational tournament in Prague by defeating Antonin Gavlas in the finale.


Silver medal for Simon Arvidsson

Alongside Elias Ranefur who plays Pro B in France Simon and Elias had match balls in the finale against Pär Gerell and Jens Lundqvist but had to accept second place after a very narrow defeat. In mens single Simon was up against Anton Källberg who is one of the top players in the bundesleague, so it was a tough draw. Very good tournament overall for Simon and congratulations with the medal.

Andreas Törnkvist surprisingly also played the swedish championships, and that must have been for the first time in many years. Andreas impressed in the group stage where he soundly defeated the very talented Charlie Carlsson. Charlie is no push-over and is extremely talented. In the first round Törnkvist showed his good form by defeating Harald Andersson from the top league (Pingisligan) in Sweden. Hampus Nordberg, who plays Pro A in France, was the end of the road, but it was so close and could have gone into the finale set.


Unfortunately not a lot to show this time, as Patrick Skarsholm has had serious injury issues with his wrist and Jeppe Spottog had to pull out of the tournament last minute.

The last two matches in the group stage part 2 will be played next weekend, and with the very positive outcome of these international events we are very optimistic.


Cristian and Iulian Chirita. Romanian champions
Obeslo won the TTStar tournament this weekend
Tomas Koldas
Simon Arvidsson (foto: Per Hällström). Silver in mens double
Victory! Cristian and Iulian Chirita

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